Sunday, June 26, 2011

Art Print that reflects our courses themes

Meredith Stern
Education is a Right
Some thoughts on improving the education system. Printed on a thin, beautiful, hand made (but not by me) rice paper. The balloons read : "multi-lingual teaching (Collier), teaching methods that value all cultures, celebrating leadership and history of people of color, racial equality in schools; quality of facilites; and hiring of teachers (Kozol), and oral story telling traditions appreciated." I wanted to make a print that addressed the systemic, institutionalized racism that exists in the American school systems, and present a print that celebrated a better value system for improving the quality of education that we should be giving to our children.
1 color linoleum block print
24" x 40"
signed/edition of 8


  1. I love the drawing, it really does pull the course together.

  2. Love how you used your blog as a rich hypertext, filled with pictures and links to support your thoughtful reflections. Nice.